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09 06 2007

From coffee shops, to shopping malls, to schools, to wherever, the new iPod Touch just brought the mobile web to a much larger audience. We all know iPod’s sell like hot cakes and now the drooling sensation we’ve all felt about the iPhone is no longer going to be held in check by the stiff contract and service fees from AT&T. So given the iPhone hype and iPod success rate, my guess is that this just might be a hit and sell like hotcakes.

Alright so that’s likely a given, geeky discussion yesterday yielded that most of my contacts were rather serious about picking one up, including myself. New gadget induced ranting aside, this means big things for the mobile web as it will soon be in the hands of many more people.

So for those of us suddenly infused with a new sense of importance about the mobile web there are some great resources out there including Cameron Moll’s new book: The Mobile Web, which promises to be the textbook manual for the time being on mobile development. Cameron also has some great articles on his blog about mobile development.

Anyone else feel the same way?



  1. As long as the iPod Touch is adopted by the average user, I reckon your predictions will be right, Kyle! The only thing is the hefty price-tag: is it aimed more at the ‘pro’ user (i.e: those who would already be using the mobile web)?

    Until our providers bring down our insance data charges, the web has a long way to go before becoming fully mobile in the UK! :)

  2. In the US, definitely. In the UK, it’s not such a big thing. iPhones still haven’t been released here, and Wi-fi hotspots are a lot less common. :(

  3. It’s definitely within a better kind of reach. In my experience, mobile web is just not attractive to people in its current format – it’s convoluted, inefficient and ugly. Having a mini-Safari 3, though, and having it on a device you’d buy for its other features anyway… That’s something to consider.

    I really don’t get the Cameron Moll thing… His websites are useless on anything other than a regular browser on a large PC screen, and his brand of vague web-philosophy futureproofing advice seems to be aimed at CEOs rather designers.

  4. Sorry, that last paragraph looks like it’s just a dig – I meant to append it with, “…but you seem to appreciate him – what does he do for you?” …

  5. Seems to me the current trend is toward bigger screens not smaller. You can now get what a 30″ monitor from Apple. I’m not sure how the mobile web will play out but I’m not overly concerned with it. I do not think your site traffic will change a whole lot one way or the other, right now. That being said, I’d like to get the new iPod Touch.

  6. Barney: I do tend to agree that it may be overemphasized but he does bring up some good points as well as useful information for those curious. For instance, even if I purchase an iPod Touch (and I will :) ), I still will not have the opportunity to test my site on a blackberry, etc. I could use Lynx but that’s hardly the same as actually seeing things on a device. If you’re in doubt you may want to check out the free pages of his book he has available on his site, I was skeptical at first but they did make me go “Oh, didn’t think of that” a few times.

    I do agree with you (and mikeo) that the web will still be primarily aimed at the tendencies of desktops and laptops and on those mediums screens are indeed growing as they become more cost effective but the number of users accessing sites on a mobile device will have at the very worst a period of exponential growth with the iPod Touch, if not further growth from “copy cat” devices.

    One of the primary reasons I’m looking to get one is the web browsing ability, why carry a book to some place I have to wait if I can just read a few blogs? Why go to an ATM if I can check my checking balance for free from my iPod? There’s just a plethora of uses that will open with common convenience and a far larger amount of people using devices that are capable.

  7. I’m tempted to grab one as well. The problem is just that Wi-Fi spots aren’t so common where I am. I’ll have to do a little research into it, to see if it’s wortwhile. :)

  8. @Michael: Isn’t Cloud supposed to be this massive WiFi service in the UK? You shouldn’t have a problem if that is the case.

    Incidently, I’m typing this from my iPhone in bed, he he.

  9. do u get charged for surfing the internet on the ipod touch? I have wi-fi in my house and i was not sure if they had fees.

  10. David: No there are no fees, but the iPod touch can only be used over wi-fi, unlike the iPhone which can use the cellular network anywhere you get reception.