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02 11 2008
Please Enjoy

Typesites Goes Weekly

The original plan was to be biweekly because of the chaos and anarchy of having a guest author each week. But, the hell with that; I’ll be posting a review weekly. Timelines be damned.

On another note the site has done very well during it’s first week, and there’s already a new review up. Thank you to anyone who has commented, emailed, linked or whatever. It’s been fun.

There’s still quite a bit left to do on Typesites: a few lingering CSS issues in certain browsers, and continuing to modify the footer content till I feel good about what’s being presented there. I do have plans to adjust the home page slightly, so that Typesites news doesn’t have to be posted here, so I can keep this place focused on my opinionated ranting.

Speaking of this site, I’m going to be doing some tweaks here as well, but primarily in the footer. There are enough posts now that navigating the archives needs to be made easier and the current method is rather crappy. That’s going to change soon though. For now, you may have noticed that I’ve installed the full text feed plugin here on Astheria as well. But don’t forget to stop by and comment!



  1. Looking forward to more on Typesites. Love what you’ve done to date! keep it up. RSS feed engaged.

  2. great, looking forward to it

  3. The type on this site is absolutely beautiful. Just wanted to say that.