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08 22 2007

So after two weeks I’m in a bit of shock and awe as to everything that has transpired here. From the traffic to the feedback I’m thankful people have been vocal about their thoughts. So here’s how things have shaken up:

I’ve been lucky enough for some folks to speak up critically about the design, and some good points have been raised. So in addition to validating the code I’ve removed “Palatino Linotype” (the Windows equivalent of Palatino) from the oblique text areas of the site in favor of letting Windows degrade to Georgia which it handles better.

Some readers have mentioned the oddity of the content being in the right hand content, and while I mentioned that it was largely because they were unused to the somewhat irregular positioning; I didn’t mention its purpose. My decision to put the content in the right hand column is largely due to rhythm. By laying out the content in this manner a reader will skim over the meta data ensuring that they know it’s there if they desire before moving on to the main article. To help guide the eye across the heaviness of the title combined with the negative space to it’s left pulls the eye back up. I do agree, however, that on lengthier articles it may be a bit of a hindrance. So in that respect I’m going to split articles that are overtly long into parts – which has the added benefit of being able to publish content faster.

The most exciting part of this redesign for me has been the feedback, I showed my design to some folks prior to launch and even perused some forums in hopes of getting some critical thoughts but none of that compares to emails I’ve recently received. I think this is a problem in the design community, and I’m working on doing something about it – more news forthcoming soon. ;)

As of time of writing, my Mint account has shown that this site has been featured on the following galleries (a bit of back-link love):

I can’t say I had any idea things would go so well out of the gates. Featured on multiple galleries, articles linked up on Stylegala and Design Float, and also among other bloggers’ asides.

A big thank you to all of you who have provided feedback, commented, linked, or emailed me in recent weeks, it means a lot.



  1. I love it!

  2. Did I mention that I haxxored your mint and you didn’t get ANY of those referrals? :O

    *haxxorz mint again*

  3. Hi, I’ve also added you to design creme. :)

    ~ Razvan

  4. Thanks Razvan. :)