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09 13 2007
Please Enjoy


What a day. As some of you may have noticed, went offline sometime about two days ago. Figuring it was normal downtime I fired off an email to the host to make sure and checked to see if it was back up on occasion. Problem was, I found the email returned to me with an unable to send message – the DNS servers were down too.

I’ve always been a tad ignorant of the perils of online hosting and the security that your data will always be there. After deciding I wasn’t going to put myself on their timeline I switched the domain’s nameservers over to my Media Temple account (something that should’ve been done long ago) and started putting the pieces back together.

I should count my blessings that this happened now and not a few months from now when there are even more posts and comments, because reposting everything out of the Google Cache, including having to manually timestamp everything, was a bit time consuming.

However I did have my local version of the theme which is a few small tweaks behind what was currently online. So IE6 users I apologize, I’ll have to redo my bug fixes again. There are a few small things absent that I’ll be setting back up as soon as possible such as author comment highlighting and some icons in places.

Thanks for all the kind emails wondering what was going on, I apologize for the RSS spam I’m sure some of you received from the rapid reposting of the articles.

That isn’t to say that this wasn’t beneficial in some form – besides getting really good at changing timestamps through the interface. It did force me to redo the images for The Elements of Design Applied to the Web which are hopefully even clearer than they were before, but most importantly it was my first major data loss. Everyone has to learn the hard way. ;)



  1. Glad you were able to get things rolling again, Kyle. If you’ve access to your site’s DB (either via SSH or an admin tool like PHPMyAdmin) I suggest regular DB pulls. Massaging data already in a DB sure beats copy-and-paste.

  2. The funny thing is that I was actually thinking about backup routines for the site just last week. Seems fitting that not doing it then was a mistake, but had I backed up the database this would’ve been minutes of work rather than hours.

  3. Hi Kyle,
    i use a very useful plugin for backupping my WP database, called wp-db-backup (
    You can set up a scheduled backup. You should give it a try!

  4. Wow man that stinks. Glad you were able to rebuild. I am sure we all fell your pain, just part of the digital life I guess. The best we can do is learn and move on. Good to see you back online.

  5. Glad you could bring it all back.

    I actually got a little confused with the RSS updates, and re-commented on a post I had commented on a week ago without realising! xD

  6. /cheer