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02 27 2009
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An Untitled App Update

Things are coming along nicely on the yet-to-be-named application that I’ve been spending a bit of spare time on. Nicely enough, in fact, that we’re entering a private alpha phase after this weekend. So I figured it was time to share and get some thoughts on some of the more broad bits:

What does it do?

Well, in a nutshell, I’m hoping to simplify the way you monitor what the internet is saying about your sites, your brand, and yourself. As new communication mediums have evolved, simply googling yourself isn’t enough these days. At the same time, I’ve discovered a level of frustration with statistics tracking solutions that make it difficult to keep your finger on the pulse of your site. Without going into too much detail just yet, this is the problem I’m hoping to relieve, at least slightly. And having used the app for a few weeks now solo, I’m finding it to be a solid solution and good companion to my previous methods—at least for my day to day needs.


Unfortunately, yes, I’ve been working with it on a particular domain and using what stood out at me on the first go around. That said I’m all ears to any suggestions any of you may have; hopefully the first paragraph was enough description, but if not maybe that’s a good thing. I’m a fan of random ideas.

So there you have it, the smallest of smallest tidbits I suppose, but I’ll be posting updates more frequently now that things are rolling along; as well as trying to make time for an article or two.



  1. I think it’d be funny to play up the idea that we’re all a bit paranoid, and that’s the real reason we need to see everything that’s being said about us. And that this app is like a therapeutic drug, that as you say, provides “relief.” So there’s my random thought, maybe the name could use some combination of the words, therapy, stabilizer, or it could have the sound of a drug name…or maybe I’m just being insensitive?

  2. @Rett: I don’t believe tracking this information relates to paranoia at all.

    Knowing where backlinks and discussion are taking place and how frequently they’re occurring is another metric to measure one’s efforts online; just as one would measure website traffic. Discussion is far more valuable than basic traffic data as it adds a level of meaning to otherwise mundane information.

  3. Sounds like this is going to be a great app. I’d be interested in being on a beta tester list if one ever materialises.

    In terms of names, how about Grapevine (Marvin Gaye style!) ;)


  4. I can’t wait to get my grubby little mitts on this app. It’s something I’ve needed for a long time.

  5. Oh yes, it seems it ill be a very useful application.
    I am not an expert with Branding.
    But i was thinking about combination of words like Grab and Opinion and so i’ve coined “Grabinion”

  6. Call it the “burning ear” app, as in the old saying/superstition that if your ears are burning, someone is talking about you.

  7. “The Burning Ear” is great!

  8. Yeah googling is so oldskool. Looking forward to your app!

  9. Is it going to be similar to: ?

  10. @Johann: No, I’m planning for it to be more of an application that you can maintain about your items, rather than a search engine type application.

  11. Thanks for the clarification. Looking forward to it.

  12. Naming is like designing. Microsoft names its products with long, programming style labels that have little ambiguity, but sometimes become hard to remember if you read too many of them.

    If you want to let people know what the program does by the name you might fall into the same trap. I like the naming of 37Signals projects, Basecamp, Highrise, Campfire, I don’t know what they they do exactly, but they’re very memorable.

    Some name ideas that come to mind -

    Little Brother
    Attention Analytics
    Recon, Web Recon
    Watcher, Observer
    Social Scout
    Web Pop, Social Pop

  13. Is it going to be a hosted, SaaS-type app or a download & manage yourself deal? Personally I prefer to run everything in house and extend as needed.

  14. I’m a little late to the game, but is this still in the works? I would love to see this as a web app. I could see it being very useful to companies who actively participate in social media. Zappos, Digg, etc.

    I had an idea similar to this a while back and have some wireframes and potential feature ideas if you’d like them. I’d love to help out in any way I can :-)