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02 04 2008
Please Enjoy

Introducing Typesites

So what is it? Well, since I’m tired and cranky from fixing browser bugs all night, I’ll let a snippet of the about page do the talking:

Typesites is a biweekly showcase of websites with interesting typographic design. What once started as an idea for yet another generic website gallery evolved into something that gives much more depth than a normal showcase. Where as galleries simply post generic designs by the bucketload we strive to showcase only design that can inspire and teach — and then explain it. Staring at a great design can only give so much inspiration. But examining it, being critical, and getting the view of a professional designer can add so much more.

Sound good? Head on over.

Elliot Jay Stocks is the first guest author, and there’s a few more waiting in the wings. If you’d like to write a review please contact me through the form there.

At the moment there are two remaining CSS issues, but if you find anything out of place please let me know. The two known issues are:

All that aside, if you have comments on the site in general please spam your heart away here. :)



  1. It’s a great idea; browsing the same old ‘inspirational’ sites get boring after a while, but one which points out the good (or not so good) sides of a design is a valuable resource.

    And I’m not sure if you’re worried about XHTML issues, as opposed to CSS ones; if you are, you’re missing a closing tag on the element in your .


  2. That is to say, you’re missing a closing ‘link’ element in your ‘head’.

    Damn these code-strippers.

    But, please, use a full feed!

  4. Guy Leech: Thanks for the kind words and the heads up, I took care of the tag issue. That’s what I get for pushing a site live at midnight. ;)

    Laburno: Currently, the feed is restricted from the more tag in wordpress, I’m looking for a way around this right now actually. If anyone knows how I’d love to know. :)

  5. Sounds like a great idea. Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

  6. great idea and very good choice of reviewed sites so far,
    looking forward to new ones :D

    But, please, use a full feed!

    Future articles and new RSS subscribers should see a full text feed from now on. Enjoy. :)

  8. *cheeky aside Kyle - how did you fix the RSS feed? I want to continue using the more tag, so I get truncated posts in the list - but I also want to publish a full feed. Any advice? Thanks!

  9. Jenni: I used a plugin called Full Text Feed which strips the more tag from the XML that the RSS uses, and is compatible with feedburner and other RSS services.