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12 30 2009

I spent a portion of my holiday break from real work, working.

As designers, we tend to enjoy nice things—items with quality, good aesthetics, good design. We pass them around on instant messenger, get the occasional email with something someone found that they think you’ll be fond of, etc. So essentially, I just set out to document things that I discovered or were shared with me that I wanted.

A few days later I had a new blog… thing: Needs/Wants.

It’s sort of a living experiment, I know the functionality that I desire isn’t completely in place. Maybe I won’t like the design much in two weeks, who knows. But for now, there should be new content every two days or so, and we’ll just see how it fares in the wild.

Hope you enjoy Needs/Wants, and if you’d like, there is a Twitter account to follow as well.



  1. Nice work, Kyle! Looking forward to contributing, too. Also can’t wait to find out about more cool stuff I won’t be able to afford. ;)

  2. Looks really good at first glance.

  3. Congratulations, mate! And a very Happy New Year to you, too!

  4. This looks really neat, looking forward to seeing more on there. Weirdly I spotted a £545 laptop bag on the apple store early. There was my need/want!

    Happy New Year

  5. Looks good! I will definitely follow.

  6. I really like the design of the blog, any thoughts of releasing it as a theme?

  7. Looks good! I will definitely follow.