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11 01 2007
Please Enjoy

Headed to FOWD in NYC

An exciting time indeed, just six days away will mark my first venture to a real sizable web conference. It’ll also be my first time on the east coast, and the jump in city size from Minneapolis to New York should provide a pretty good squelching feeling in my stomach.

However, I’m quite excited to go see some of the folks I have been idolizing in true geeky fashion (Andy Clarke, The Zeldman, and Jonathan Snook for example) for the last few years as well as meet up with an acquaintance with good musical taste, Elliot Jay Stocks.


For those who haven’t heard, FOWD is Carsonified’s (previously Carson Systems) first convention on US soil, and they have a star studded line up of speakers for the two day event. One day of speakers and a second day of workshops (which sold out before I bought my ticket, damn!) should provide plenty of web geekery for any who can attend. As of time of writing they still have some tickets available for the speaker sessions.

Hopefully I’ll run into a few of you there, granted, Clockwork is running a mustache contest that began today, so I may be a bit scruffy by then. ;)

Another (hopefully) useful article is coming soon rather than more of me babbling, stay tuned!



  1. I might go seeing as I live in NYC, but I think I have a highschool interview that day.

  2. Have fun Kyle. ;D

  3. Ahh, too bad I missed you at the conference man!
    Overall I’d say it was a pretty positive experience, don’t you think?
    There were a couple of pretty weak presentations but some of them were great, especially Ryan Singer’s presentation.

  4. Rodrigo: I actually was standing right next to Elliot when you went up to meet him, but I was talking to my coworker Rett, and by the time I turned around you were gone, sorry about that!

    Overall it was good, I really enjoyed Joshua Davis and Ryan Singer, Elliot made some great laughs as well.

  5. For real? haha, what are the odds?
    I remember two dudes standing right there, too bad I didn’t see your badge.

  6. Rodrigo: Yeah, it’s definitely too bad. Did you attend the afterparty? While, nice they could have turned down the music a bit, it was bloody hard trying to have a decent discussion with anyone. Given an audience of web geeks and this being the only real networking time available I was disappointed that they didn’t take that into consideration. I guess when you throw DJ’s in their booths they could care less but really now. :P

  7. I know! it was too loud!
    I guess it doesn’t really matter anyway. My networking was pretty useless; I was checking out the sites of people I got cards from, and to be honest I didn’t find an ounce of decent design or good practices. What a pity.
    I had to leave like two hours into the party to drive back to PA anyways.
    Did you get good networking done at all?

  8. Rodrigo: Yes actually, though I mainly chatted with Elliot, he was kind enough to introduce me to Ryan Carson and the rest of the Carsonified crew, quite a few of the speakers and the blokes from HappyCog as well. Unfortunately I only had Clockwork business cards on hand so I couldn’t give out both those and personal ones but it was just poor timing on my part.

    I left the afterparty shortly after 10 as well knowing it would take me roughly two hours to get back to the hotel over by JFK airport, which it did.

  9. Ah, good deal!

    I was all alone, and being shy as I am I had to step up and gather some courage to talk to some of these people. It was pretty tough for me. I probably came across as a total idiot to Andy Clarke. I was stuttering like a crazy person, ha ha ha.

    I’m pleased that I at least got to talk to Elliot for a bit and managed to intercept Ryan during the party before I left.

  10. So did you get any free stuff? LO!L!11! Well either way it seems like it would’ve been a good time. Maybe a full post about what all went down…