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08 31 2010
Please Enjoy

Design is a Drug

You’re riding a high, you just put together a design that you couldn’t be more proud of. You’ve fulfilled all of the client’s goals—goals they didn’t even know they had (bonus!) and are also feeling confident of the integrity of the piece at hand. You’ve labored over the kerning, the alignment, the proportion, the balance, the slight variations of colors… you’re on top of the world and no one can stop you. At least in your head—and that’s all that matters.

Flash forward a month later. You’re struggling to come up with new ideas, fresh thinking, sound logic. You see awesome work being posted on Dribbble and FFFFound. Everywhere you look, you’re wishing you had made this, that, and the other thing. You’re wondering if you’re even cut out for the world that is design. Hell—why the world can’t see aesthetics, logic, and experience the way you do. You wonder if it is all pointless. Your parents wanted you to be an engineer and you let them down for that fancy-pants art school. You envy the mundane: the mindlessness of it all. Screw it—you’ll be happier flipping burgers. Maybe you’ll come up with a fancy way to swirl the ketchup and mustard into the restaurant’s logo.


Welcome to the life of a creative.

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