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  1. December 16th Rethinking the Address Bar UX with Chrome
  2. September 22nd Hello, Indie Labs
  3. August 31st Design is a Drug
  4. June 23rd Why Good Type Matters, FontConf 2010 Presentation
  5. June 16th Trial by Fire
  6. April 22nd Gun for Hire
  7. January 27th Why the iPad Changes Everything
  8. January 11th In Defense of Vertical Navigation


  1. December 30th Introducing Needs/Wants
  2. November 3rd Learn About Design, Not Making Things Pretty
  3. July 15th The Right Proposal for Type on the Web
  4. May 28th Typekit, Another Layer of Complexity?
  5. March 22nd Creating a Timeline Style Archive Page
  6. March 17th Font Stack, Font Schmack
  7. February 27th An Untitled App Update


  1. December 30th Testing the Waters
  2. November 7th Typeface, a Letterpress Documentary
  3. September 22nd Typetweets Notes
  4. September 15th I Agree
  5. August 9th Depth v. Frequency
  6. May 15th What’s Next for Typesites?
  7. May 7th Initial Impressions of Silverback
  8. April 30th There Are No Trends in Design
  9. April 24th Powerful Design Books
  10. April 15th Lunch Form Usability
  11. April 13th About the Redesign
  12. March 31st Changes on the Horizon
  13. March 18th Evaluating the WordPress 2.5 Interface
  14. March 5th Portfolios That Accomplish Goals
  15. February 27th Why Trusting Data to Webservices can be Dangerous
  16. February 12th My Last Portfolio Sucked, Yours Might Too
  17. February 11th Typesites Goes Weekly
  18. February 4th Introducing Typesites
  19. January 23rd A Meta Way to Proceed
  20. January 21st Featured in .net / Practical Web Design Magazine
  21. January 16th Originality in Web Design
  22. January 8th Getting the Lead Out


  1. November 1st Headed to FOWD in NYC
  2. October 23rd A Case for Usable Content
  3. October 11th Why Other Designers Are Not Web Designers
  4. September 28th Do Feed Readers Kill Blog Identity?
  5. September 24th The User Experience of a Blog
  6. September 13th Downtime
  7. September 6th iPod Touch Brings New Meaning to the Mobile Web
  8. August 31st Choosing Type Alignments for the Web
  9. August 27th The Desktop and Laptop Dilemma
  10. August 22nd Quick Update & Thank You
  11. August 15th The Elements of Design Applied to the Web
  12. August 12th Expand Your Web Typography
  13. August 10th Colophonics of the Redesign