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Moving on to Tumblr


In Defense of Vertical Navigation

A response to Smashing Magazine’s “The Case Against Vertical Navigation.”

Evaluating the WordPress 2.5 Interface

Wordpress 2.5’s interface overhaul is getting closer, and now that I’ve been able to play with the release candidate, these are my thoughts.

Portfolios That Accomplish Goals

An unplanned sequel to a previous post. Presenting some portfolios that succeed, and why.

My Last Portfolio Sucked, Yours Might Too

An analysis of common mistakes in the portfolios of web designers. Learning from our mistakes.


Moving on to Tumblr

A note about switching over to a new domain and a new blog.

Rethinking the Address Bar UX with Chrome

Making a modification to Chrome’s settings to change the way you think about accessing websites through domains.

Hello, Indie Labs

Moving in to a new gig.

Design is a Drug

Welcome to the life of a creative.